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posthumanist social theory to this growing body of public health scholarship. 'posthuman' and 'public health' in Web of Science, and found only two entries;  Health geographies II: The posthuman turn - SAGE Journals emergence of health, hence one that recognises the critical roles of 'posthuman geography of health' is a departure, and the forms of enquiry and ethics it 

undergo a major process of transformation in the direction of the posthuman. ...... The common concerns about public health among humans and animals have ... V. Andy Miah: A Critical History of Posthumanism - Squarespace

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Data Made Flesh: Biotechnology and the Discourse of ... - jstor The second part will consider research in biotechnology in light of posthuman dis- courses.. life span, genetically modified health, and smart drugs), what re-. Posthuman - Oxford Scholarship Posthumanism is most often theorized as a technological/human hybridity, but here I consider a posthumanism that follows Sylvia Wynter's insistence on a 

Posthumanist Medicine: Participatory Healthcare ... - UWSpace sick narrative “back together” also persists in online instantiations of health.. In many ways, my posthumanist reading of the human in healthcare will require. A feminist genealogy of posthuman aesthetics in the visual ... May 10, 2016 This article aims to reassemble a feminist genealogy of the posthuman in the arts, with a specific focus on the visual works conceived by female 

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