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Pauline Oliveros by Cory Arcangel - BOMB Magazine 1 Apr 2009 Cory Arcangel Of course we stop talking now that the pressure is on. I get my students to do things, both individually and collaboratively. little kid—he went through academic training at a conservatory, all of that—Michael  Cory Arcangel - The Source Digest - Printed Matter The Source Digest, a paperback collection of Issues #1–10 of The Source (2006–), is an ongoing archival zine project1 of annotated computer source code from  Lauren Cornell in Conversation with Cory Arcangel 27 Jun 2015 Cory Arcangel—So, lets start at the beginning. also music shows and little exhibitions, all before I'd heard the term But, of course, I now realize no ones knows anything, and everyone is making things up as they go!

Cory Arcangel on losing himself to the Internet | Dazed 24 Mar 2015 All of the combined works from the trans-medial artist in the show will give an almost full biographic of Arcangel_All the Small Things, 2014.

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How Does Cory Arcangel's Cat Video Mashup of ... 15 Mar 2017 Some of Cory Arcangel's most well-known works include Photoshop. he's made all three parts of this video available on his YouTube channel.. + Read more on Flypaper: “Why Every Piano You've Ever Played Is Too Small” for tape, oscillators and amplified objects and surfaces, as well as solo guitar.

New York–based artist Cory Arcangel (born 1978) is a leading exponent of technology-based art, drawn to video games and software for their ability to rapidly  The Small Things - Cory Arcangel Cory Arcangel's Official Portfolio Website and Portal. Things shown in 'All The Small Things':. Tools , 2014 · Scene Girls , 2014 · Raw Youth , 2014. The Small Things - Cory Arcangel Cory Arcangel's Official Portfolio Website and Portal.

Artist to Artist: Cory Arcangel and Julia Christensen on Media ... 27 Feb 2014 As part of our “Artist to Artist” interview series, Cory Arcangel (2006 And then when I had all of these iPhones being sent to me, I was like, “Oh, And then I just started to experiment with lenses and mirrors and things and wound up Julia: It's funny how it's such a small town and a small campus, and yet  Arcangel Surfware All The Small Things T-Shirt (SRF-019). Cory Arcangel: The Source Issue #4: On and On (SRF-017). Cory Arcangel: The Source Issue #3: I Shot Andy Warhol  Cory Arcangel - Artists - Greene Naftali