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Quasi-Hopf Algebras: A Categorical Approach

3 Jan 2017 Let H be a quasi-Hopf algebra. left Yetter-Drinfeld modules over H. This categorical method allows also to reobtain the structure theorem for a  A STRUCTURE THEOREM FOR QUASI-HOPF BIMODULE ... 3 Jan 2017 the fact that a quasi-Hopf algebra H is not a coassociative coalgebra, and thus we This time, due to the categorical results we proved, we got some.. approach will be derived from the structure theorem for quasi-Hopf 

In mathematics, a Hopf algebra, named after Heinz Hopf, is a structure that is simultaneously an ... The representation theory of a Hopf algebra is particularly nice, since the ..... Quasi-Hopf algebras are generalizations of Hopf algebras, where ..... is a monoid in the categorical sense if and only if it is a monoid in the usual ... Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 360 (2008) - AMS :: Transactions of ...

Quasi-Hopf Algebras by Daniel Bulacu

A categorical approach to cyclic cohomology of quasi-Hopf ... 24 Sep 2018 A CATEGORICAL APPROACH TO CYCLIC COHOMOLOGY OF that the category of representations of a quasi-Hopf algebra is still a  Peter Schauenburg's home page - CNRS

Workshop talks - Department of Mathematics - UiO 2 Apr 2019 Crossed modules of Hopf algebras: an approach via monoids In the talk we report about a program which aims at a (categorical) theory of groups, including group von Neumann algebras VN(G) for quasi-SIN groups G. Some properties of finite-dimensional semisimple Hopf algebras doing this we use the theory of modular tensor categories (in particular Verlinde formula). We then Quasitriangular semisimple Hopf algebras are of Frobenius type.. in which categorical dimensions of objects are non-negative integers. DIAGONAL CROSSED PRODUCTS BY DUALS OF QUASI ...

Quasi-Hopf Algebras A Categorical Approach Encyclopedia of ... This is the first book to be dedicated entirely to Drinfeld's quasi-Hopf algebras. Ideal for graduate students and researchers in mathematics and mathematical